The Florida Aquarium

Have some under-the-sea adventures that won’t leave you all wet. Unless you want them to. The Hotel Zamora is located near the Florida Aquarium. It’s only about 30 miles from Hotel Zamora, and well worth the excursion if you want to see some amazing aquatics. The Florida Aquarium is one of the top ten in the country and recognized as one of the best kid-friendly aquariums, too. You’ll have lots of ways to experience the seas here, but it’s cool to know The Florida Aquarium walks the talk, too. They’re big into conservation and research and will be glad to show you and tell you all about it.

Whether you want to seek dolphins in their natural habitat or are a thrill seeker and want to risk it down under with the sharks, The Florida Acqurium has you covered. Immerse yourself in a Wild Dolphin Ecotour with The Florida Aquarium out in beautiful Tampa Bay to see these amazing se creatures safely and respectfully in their natural habitat. If you like your aquatic adventures a little more on the wild side, you can also dive right in and swim with sharks. Zip up a wetsuit and become a guest diver at The Florida Aquarium. Kids as young as six can get in on this action, making it fun for the whole family. If you’ve got little ones in tow, kids can soak up fun the Splash Pad, The Florida Aquarium’s 2-acre outdoor water adventure zone. Kids are sure to get doused, but they’ll be able to enjoy some dry elements to climb on as well. Parents can enjoy refreshments in the shade, too so everybody wins.