Company Acquires Peachtree Commons, Growing Atlanta Portfolio

Company has added to its Atlanta portfolio with the acquisition of Peachtree Commons, a 150-unit, Class-A apartment community. Company has rebranded the newly constructed suburban Atlanta community Aventine Lofts.

With this acquisition, Company, either directly or through its sponsored or managed investment vehicles, now owns 28 assets and more than 3,600 units in metro Atlanta.

The apartment homes and amenities of Aventine Lofts appeal to residents looking for convenience or for an opportunity to relax. Apartments feature Open & spacious floorplans, modern fixtures & finishes, designer tile backsplashes, Waterfall Carrara quartz countertops, stainless-steel appliances, full-size washer/dryers and more.

A 24/7 fitness center features circuit and resistance training areas to be enhanced by Corp’s Pumped Fitness program, which includes free group fitness classes and discounted personal training and nutrition counseling. Exterior amenities include a leash-free dog park and an expansive courtyard and pocket park, as well as a resort-style pool area with grilling stations and a fire pit.

Company Announces Acquisition in Charlotte

Company has acquired the 259-unit Sharpe Pointe apartment community in Charlotte, N.C. Corp has rebranded the newly constructed community Agave Rock.

Company made the acquisition through its Growth and Innovation fund, which focuses primarily on acquiring high quality properties in overlooked markets that are experiencing strong population and job growth.

Agave Rock will be Company’s gateway to emerging and overlooked development and investment opportunities in Charlotte, N.C.

A variety of amenities provide ample opportunities for residents to rest, relax and recharge. The clubhouse includes a cyber-lounge, movie theatre and a social lounge. The fitness center features circuit and resistance training with high-endurance equipment, free weights, a yoga area and spin bikes. Outdoor amenities also feature a saltwater pool with cabanas, an outdoor kitchen, a dog park, a car care center and a drive-thru mail location.

Company and Client Announce Strategic Alliance

Effective August 1, 2021, Client has transferred its property management division to Company, with Company now providing lease-up services on all Client-sponsored developments. The move adds more than 60 employees and brings an additional 2,805 units to Company Partners’ rapidly-growing portfolio. “This alliance allows Client to focus our team on creating unique multifamily developments in an environment where site selection, entitlement, design and high-quality construction are at a premium . . . growth, for us, will result from continued investment in those capabilities,” said John Goodman, Client’s President. “In Company, we found the only platform whose approach to property management matched our own, with the same commitment to integrity and excellence.” “Company is absorbing a high-quality management team, who come to us with a lot of industry good will and from a firm with a 35-year tradition of doing things the right way, all the way,” said Company President Jacob Worth. “We are starting new client relationships with several, top-tier institutional owners, including Client itself. This opportunity offers tremendous positives for our business, and we are committed to growing both these new team members, as wells as these new owner relationships.”

Company leases up new LA property in 3 months

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Company Named No. 1 Property Management Brand for Reputation

Company, a full-service real estate management company overseeing approximately 950,000 apartments throughout the United States, is the top company in Webometer “Local Brand Report: Top Multi-Family Brands 2021,” an analysis of the top 50 multi-family brands, groups and companies across the country. Company ranked No. 1, highlighting its status as the industry leader in Online Reputation. The company also landed in the top 10 for Local Brand Visibility. “Company provides a consistently high level of service to all of our clients, ranging from luxury, AA-rated high rises to challenged or maturing properties,” said Loren Sopor, president of Company. “We want to thank Webometer for this recognition, which is a reflection of our managers, our employees and our clients.” Webometer’s “Local Brand Report: Top Multi-Family Brands 2021” analyzes key data and findings from thousands of customer reviews, local listings and rankings to understand the renter experience in 2020. The report reveals which brands were able to successfully pivot during COVID-19 to create a leading multi-family experience. The findings highlight the role reputation management plays in a seamless customer experience today. Company specializes in multi-family community management for a variety of third-party owners. From its inception in 1989, Company has established an excellent track record of successful apartment management, as well as an unsurpassed reputation for its commitment to quality customer service. J Turner Research, a premier multifamily housing industry research firm, has ranked Company in its Elite category for ORA (Online Reputation Assessment) for six consecutive years. Company manages the highest percentage of communities in the top 1% compared to other National Multifamily Housing Council Top 50 Largest Managers. As of January 2021, RAM had the highest ORA score of the Top 50 Management companies, according to J Turner analysts.
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